Internal Chimney Mortar Joint Repairs

On occasion during a fireplace inspection a chimney sweep may discovery that one or more of the liners in the chimney are cracked or broken or the mortar joints between the liners are damaged/missing, which renders the fireplace unusable until repaired. Relining the chimney is one relatively quick way to solve the problem. There are several different types of relining processes and materials, all of which have their merits. However, Smokey Joe’s, after extensive research and evaluation, has chosen to Saver Systems Cerfractory relining process.  We feel this process is superior to inserting a metal tube into the liner because it does not downsize the liner by no more than ¼”, which does not affect the outflow of smoke, etc.  The metal liners cannot/do not fit snugly against the walls of the flue, thereby make the diameter of the flue smaller which in turn restricts the amount of smoke the flue can handle.  With Saver Systems, the terra cotta liners remain intact inside the chimney.  With the metal tubing, the terra cotta liners have to be knocked out and removed to allow the liner the maximum diameter.  Not only is the terra cotta removal time consuming and messy, if the removal is not done with extreme care, it can cause more damage to the chimney resulting in additional costs.  Saver Systems process is also much quicker than the traditional metal tube installation.