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Chimney Sweep

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Here are just a few of the many services we offer to maintain a safe home and improve the air quality in your home. For a full list of our services, click on any of the service icons below or go to our services page.

Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweeping & Cleaning

Annual sweeping of your chimney can prevent fires, improve the quality of your inside air during winter months and much more... Read More

Chimney Repair

Inspections & Repairs

A Level I inspection is the recommended routine evaluation of the chimney system for continued service. A Level II inspection is more detailed and thorough... Read More

Dryer Vent

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning and maintenance is an inexpensive, preventative measure that all Homeowners should invest in. Read More

The Original Smokey Joe!

Did you know there is a real Smokey Joe? Yes Walter “Smokey Joe” Maholick (1950-2016) who  lived a very diverse life. He was a cross country runner in high school; the shortest, albeit fastest, runner on his team. He loved plants, animals and collecting antiques with his wife Sue, especially wood-burning stoves. As he began his working career, he was a landscaper for many years before becoming an ironworker on high-rise buildings.

His most recent, and iconic, vocation was as a chimney sweep. He began his own business, Smokey Joe's Chimney Sweep, whereby he would wear his trademark black top hat as he cared for his customers' chimneys. He was a member of the California Chimney Sweep Guild and a long-standing member of the Whittier Chamber of Commerce. Joe owned and operated Smokey Joe's Chimney Sweep for 25 years.

Old Smokey Joe!

Chimney Safety and Performance

On occasion during a fireplace inspection a chimney sweep may discovery that one or more of the liners in the chimney are cracked or broken which renders the fireplace unusable until repaired.  Relining the chimney is one relatively quick way to solve the problem. Relining is also a good solution for unlined chimneys (many early chimneys were built without liners).  Unlined chimneys are more difficult to locate cracks, gaps, etc. and it is recommended that unlined chimneys be lined to make them safer.

Chimney Inspection

Gas Log Sales & Installation

Convert your fireplace to a gas log system, or just have your existing gas logs serviced or updated. Smokey Joe’s does it all.

Fireplace & Gas Log Installation

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